Making a Better, Stronger Business

With 40% of our customers involved in manufacturing, Chortek has the experience and resources to deliver. We have a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks that you face, and offer Manufacturing Industry Services in Accounting and Business Software Consulting solutions.

Accounting and Tax Consulting

  • Tax savings on your international transactions
  • Tax credits for improvements in your products and processes
  • Cost accounting systems that guide your decision making
  • Financial statements that are meaningful
  • Access to advisors who can help you improve your processes and increase efficiency on your manufacturing floor and in your office
  • Business software solutions for accounting, customer relationship management, and operations that give you access to your critical business information when you need it
  • Network systems that you can depend on guidance in finding the right financial resources to fund the growth of your business
  • Advice that provides direction in positioning your company for sale
  • Direction in growing your company by making strategic acquisitions
  • Outsourced accounting and fractional CFO

Technology Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Make your manufacturing business better. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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