Planning and Providing For Your Future

We understand how hard you work to accumulate wealth and provide for your loved ones. Now you want to take the important and responsible steps towards planning for your future.

Whether your primary goal is living a comfortable retirement, sending your children to college, passing your legacy to the next generation, or all three, we can help you feel prepared.

Chortek can help you fulfill your clearly defined goals or guide you in planning for your future. We can serve as your trusted partners. We can help you plan for the future you have intended.

Estate Planning Strategies

We provide a wide range of services that can help you meet your future goals, including:

  • Scheduling an initial planning meeting to discuss your goals and intended outcomes.
  • Developing and implementing your unique plan. We involve the services of other professionals, such as lawyers, insurance agents, or securities brokers, as needed.
  • Utilizing trusts, family partnerships, or other tax-advantaged vehicles as part of your plan.
  • Providing compliance services for the trust and/or partnership to ensure that all of your tax obligations will be met in a timely manner.
  • Providing estate planning, gift tax planning, and multi-generational wealth transfers.
  • Preparing gift, trust, and estate income tax returns along with personal income tax returns.
  • Preparing charitable trust and private foundation tax returns.
  • Providing assistance with audits as necessary.
  • Monitoring the plan, with routine discussions, to ensure it’s working as you had intended.

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