You have a future to plan for, a future that combines professional success with personal success through professional career opportunities with Chortek LLP.

Chortek is committed to being a part of your professional success without standing in the way of your personal success. We offer flexible hours, limited travel, and the ability to work remotely using the latest technology.

Chortek offers you the opportunity to be part of a team that makes a real difference for our clients. You will have direct contact with clients and build relationships with them as you work on multiple aspects of their businesses. At Chortek, we have made the investment in technology and training to keep you and our firm on the leading edge of the profession.

Positions that we are currently recruiting for are listed on our job board. We encourage you to review these roles and apply.

“Chortek recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides a flexible working environment. Their use of technology is the backdrop for a dynamic and effective work setting. Chortek promotes professional development through diverse experience with projects, industries, and clients. As part of the team, I have input. I’m involved in recruitment as well as business development. I am encouraged to learn our client’s business and provide them with realistic solutions.” – Eric Neuman, CPA, Principal

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