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What happens when you get rid of the frustrating parts of ERPs?
You’re left with Acumatica Cloud ERP, a true cloud solution.

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While other companies have built their ERP software with on-premise first in mind, Acumatica was designed primarily to work in the cloud. No reverse engineering involved.

Have you been tentative to try a cloud-based solution in the past, because you thought you’d have to forfeit customization or ownership of your data? Acumatica Cloud ERP is a flexible platform that puts ownership in your hands. The Customer Bill of Rights you sign with Acumatica means that you always retain the rights to your data, no matter where you need to go with it in the future.

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With Acumatica Cloud ERP, Distributors and Manufacturers Can:

Operations stall when materials are not available for jobs and expensive capital equipment is underutilized. All of this leads to increased costs for rush orders, wasteful changeovers, and increased material and labor. This drives up prices, making it difficult to compete.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides an integrated suite of applications designed to eliminate inefficiency through automation and actionable business insights.

Collaboration is essential for today’s manufacturers and distributors. Customers now actively participate in product designs. Suppliers need forecast data for the parts they deliver to manage their businesses effectively. Companies on legacy ERP systems rely on email, fax, phone, and other disconnected systems to collect essential information for decisions on product design, purchases, production, and orders.

Acumatica provides a collaborative platform connecting your business with customers, dealers, and partners to improve efficiency in all areas of your business.

It is harder for companies to improve sales because products are complex. Some companies rely heavily on estimates, with only a small percentage converting to quotes or orders. Legacy systems and disconnected commerce applications disrupt processes delaying information required for effective marketing and sales. All businesses need a better way to develop qualified business opportunities.

Acumatica provides all the tools needed to sell more products and services. 

Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the past decade.  Many companies don’t neatly fit into one category or the other but actually do a little bit of both and more. Mixed-mode companies need a system that can support production and warehouse functions. Consequently, today’s M&D companies offer installation, repair, maintenance, and other services to complement core product offerings beyond just manufacturing or distribution.

With embedded CRM and field service applications, Acumatica provides the ideal platform for delivering world-class services.

Inventory may be your largest asset, but it is also one of your highest costs. Hold too much inventory, and your carrying costs increase with the potential for spoilage or obsolescence. Hold too little inventory, and you will face delays in customer shipments, unnecessary costs for rush orders, and scheduling problems.

Acumatica Cloud ERP’s inventory management tools let you optimize inventory levels, automate processes, and implement just-in-time strategies to save time and increase inventory turns.

Compliance is a huge issue for your manufacturing and distribution businesses. Compliance mandates from customers, vendors, and federal agencies cost you time and money. Failure to manage compliance can severely restrict your ability to attract and retain customers.

Acumatica includes dozens of features to help you manage requirements to remain in compliance. Database level security, audit files, security roles, wikis, and document management support your quality and compliance initiatives. Additional features are available from integrated marketplace applications to improve quality management throughout the production process. 

Traditional ERP vendors punish manufacturers with restrictive and costly user licensing. Many ERP vendors lock their customers into expensive long-term contracts and hold their data hostage if they choose to leave.

Acumatica offers unique, consumption-based licensing with no hidden fees. You have free access to your data even if you leave.

ERP systems are notorious for capturing data. There is a lot of it. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make sense of it all.

Acumatica provides direct integration with advanced business intelligence applications, including Microsoft Power BI. The Acumatica platform harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable insights. Take advantage of configurable dashboards as well as hundreds of reports and inquiries.

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Kowal Investment Group

We found Chortek to be an exemplary business partner, matching our passion for outstanding client service. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Aaron Kowal, CFP®, Kowal Investment Group
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The support that we receive from Chortek is unparalleled. Any time there is a problem – from IT to accounting – they make sure to keep our business moving in the right direction. We consider them a part of our team and are very glad that they are.

Brian Hastings, Bruce Neumiller, Gearbox Express
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Their follow through is spectacular. It’s usually one call. They never say no. It doesn’t make a difference what type of question we have, they are going to find out the answer for us. That’s what makes them such a great partner. They have a vast amount of resources behind their company – one-stop shopping.

David Spence, Rundle-Spence
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Chortek has made a positive difference to the Mandel Group. Listening through our questions and really looking for a solution rather than putting a band aid on things.

Sherry Meyer, Controller, Mandel Group

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