With Sage Fixed Assets, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your fixed assets

From acquisition of your fixed assets, to their transfer and disposal, Sage Fixed Assets has four modules that can help you manage everything. 


You can manage as many projects as you need using the planning module, regardless of type or size. Get control over your fixed assets before you even own them using this module. 


See the lifecycle of your fixed assets at a glance and manage it using the depreciation module. This tool can help you prepare year-end financials, calculate depreciation, eliminate redundancies in data entry, and allocate costs appropriately. 


Keep track of the items you use to run your business in one convenient place. Tracking can also help you eliminate lost or stolen assets while reducing tax overpayments and insurance costs where applicable. 


If you’re looking for a high-level view of your assets inventory, the reporting module can help. Generate any custom reports you need to get a better idea of your assets inventory in your business. 

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