Have you developed a PICK sheet for your technology systems?

PICK stands for Possible, Implement, Challenge, and Kill. You can rank each “project” in your business by thinking about the impact of the project on the business from low to high, and the difficulty or implementation from low to high.

Doing this will give you a clear direction on which projects to tackle. Depending on where your project falls in the quadrants, you can make easier decisions about what to do next.

Impact Difficulty Decision
Low Low Possible – Get it done as cost should be low
High Low Implement – This will be a high return on investment
High High Challenge – It will be a challenge to implement, but impact is high
Low High Kill – Kill the project. It’s just not worth it.

To see it in action, we’ve included a couple PICK sheets below. The size of the bubble indicates the potential cost of the project. You’ll see that most larger bubbles reside in the “Challenge” category. We’ve also included a table as an example under the first PICK sheet.

PICK Sheet - Example 1
Project Impact Difficulty Cost
Annual Security Assessment 11 2 $2,500
Replace ERP 10 3 $9,750
Sensitive Data Process 9 2 $1,000
Third-Party Patching 8 4 $500
Windows X Phaseout 7 3 $15,000
Vulnerability Scan 6 1 $100
TR Firewall Rule 4 2 $100
Password Policy 5 2 $100
Inventory Cleanup 3 2 $100
Network Diagram 2 1 $100
Hard Drive Destruction 1.5 1 $100
PICK sheet - example 2

We can help you create a PICK sheet for any part of your business. Are you interested in learning how you can use this sheet to make better decisions in your business, especially when it comes to technology and implementation of new systems? Contact us today.