Business problem-solving can be complex. Using “PIIB” can help break it down into more manageable steps.

What is PIIB?

PIIB stands for Problem, Impact, Ideal Solution, and Benefit. PIIB can apply to almost any area of a business, including sales, marketing, production, customers, vendors, inventory, and more. Before you start thinking about solutions for your business, use PIIB to start taking the right steps forward.


Unless you understand the problem, it’s hard to implement a solution. Case in point: During COVID-19, web orders have spiked, resulting in double and even triple the normal monthly orders via the web.


Say you currently get an email notifying you of a web order. You then enter that in your order processing system for picking or production and then shipping. When your orders double or triple, the impact is going to be significant. You will not be able to process the order in the timely manner to which you are accustomed. It will take more people more time to process orders than it did before. You may also experience more errors rekeying order details from the web to the order processing system after experiencing an influx of orders. Errors equal unhappy customers. Plus, your cost of reshipping correct items ordered increases.

Ideal Solution

Manual entry, especially when orders triple, is unsustainable. Ideally, orders should be imported to the order processing system. This way, you can review and release the order for picking or production, versus dealing with manual entry. This will reduce your errors and increase the time your workers have available to process the increased order volume.


With a new ordering system, you are able to process more web orders without adding more people. Plus, you are providing a faster turnaround of customer orders.

If you are looking for an ROI to go along with this, you can calculate the time it took to process orders manually, plus the errors related to that process, and figure out the ROI of implementing a solution that imports orders directly from the web to your order processing system.

Now that you understand the Problem, its Impact and what your Ideal Solution might look like and related Benefit to the organization, you can begin researching solutions that solve the problem, eliminating the impact on the organization and achieve the benefits that an ideal solutions should provide.  You now have the benchmark against all possible solutions can and should be measured.

Need help with your Business Problem-Solving Process?

If you need assistance with the PIIB process in any area of your business problem-solving, please reach out to Chortek to assist.