Value Drivers – The Key to Selling Your Business

If you’ve recently been scratching your head, wondering what buyers are looking for when evaluating potential business acquisitions, this guide is for you. Even before the selling process begins, you need to think about the value drivers important to prospective buyers. These value drivers are either going to reduce the risk involved in buying your business or increase the likelihood of your business growing in value over time.

Many different things can be considered important in driving value, but this white paper provides details on seven of the most common:

  1. Cash flow that is stable and increasing
  2. A motivated, stable management team
  3. Sustainable business systems
  4. A customer base that is solid and diversified
  5. A business facility that has a look commensurate with the asking price of the business
  6. A growth strategy rooted in realistic terms, and
  7. Effective financial controls

Download our latest white paper for free to help identify what drives value in your business already, and what you may want to add over time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re thinking about what your value drivers are, download our free white paper today!