On Tuesday, June 21, Sage announced that Sage JobOps Manufacturing will also be known as 100c Manufacturing as an endorsed partner and available on July 1st.

100c Manufacturing is only available with the Sage 100c version of the program and is subscription based (pay per user per month/year).

Sage’s modules specific to manufacturing: include Bill of Materials, Work Order Processing (WO) and Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP).  WO and MRP have not been upgraded to the new business framework (Bill of Materials is used extensively with JobOps).

JobOps Base and Time Tracker are included in the monthly cost, while Enhanced Scheduling and Product Configurator are additional.

Please feel free to contact Chortek regarding questions you may have about this new integration.  Chortek has been a JobOps Solution provider and has two JobOps certified consultants on staff.

More information will be released by Sage and JobOps in the coming days and we will forward more information as it becomes available.