Social Engineering

Social Engineering Alert – Are You Watching For Clues?

There are clues to watch for in order to protect your business indicating an email attack is in progress.  In these forged email attacks, an email arrives addressed to an internal employee, in an attempt to initiate a back-and-forth conversation via email.  This is a classic attack known as “social engineering”, where the attacker’s goal is to get the internal employee to disclose information, usually financial in nature. Read More >

cybersecurity preparedness

Cybersecurity Preparedness Report

Chortek recommends that every business establish a cybersecurity program which annually reviews cybersecurity preparedness on an organization-wide level. Sonicwall released their annual cybersecurity threat report. It highlights the continued escalation of threats to privacy and security of information.

sonicwallcybersecuritythreatreaport Read More >


FYI: Sage Business Care Plan Updates

Sage has updated their Business Care plan benefits. In addition to the Silver and Gold plans, A Platinum plan has now been added. Please contact if you’d like a quote on upgrading your current Business Care plan. Read More >

sage summit 2016

Sage User? Save the date for Sage Summit 2016!

Make 2016 your year to succeed!

Plan to attend Sage Summit 2016. It’s never too early to start planning for success, growth and prosperity. Sage Summit attendees are serious about growing their businesses, and include business owners, executives, managers, people in IT, merchants, HR professionals, food and beverage distributors, manufacturers, construction industry experts, sales personnel, accountants, leaders, partners and more. Read More >

IRS building sign

IRS Corrects Year Listed in Identity Protection PIN Letters

IRS Corrects Year Listed in Identity Protection PIN Letters

The Internal Revenue Service said Tuesday that taxpayers are receiving letters with the wrong date listed for their Identity Protection Personal Identification Numbers, which are generally issued to victims of tax-related identity theft. Read More >

data protection wordcloud

Improving Security of Important Business Data

Sage 100 can be configured to improve security of important business data from individuals who should not have access to it and reduce the opportunity for someone to get access to information and use it improperly.  This document covers some of the minimum items to review, including: Read More >


Tax Return Due Date Changes

As of July 31, 2015, based upon the signing of a new tax law, due dates and extended due dates of certain tax returns will be changing. Only Form 1120S and Form 1040 due dates will remain the same as in the past. Generally, returns with a year end after December 31, 2015 (2016 returns) will be affected. The table below summarizes the changes: Read More >