Leave IT Support to the Experts

You shouldn’t have to worry about the details of network administration on top of managing your business. Let Chortek’s team of technology experts take care of your business network for you. We can help you focus on what you do best, not on the technology you use behind the scenes. We have provided our clients with network implementation and administration services for over two decades.

Our Managed Network Service is a budgeted, comprehensive approach to IT support, best for small to medium-sized businesses. Our services can do everything from provide network management tools and extra support to businesses, to taking the place of a full-time IT administrator.

If you want to maintain a productive business computer network, we know that “time and materials” network support doesn’t work. We don’t want you to feel discouraged from contacting support. The more support feels like an extra cost, the longer maintenance issues can pile up. This kind of model increases downtime and possibly data loss.

With our Managed Network Services, you receive a comprehensive service package that is designed to be efficient and reliable, all while maintaining a reasonable and fixed cost.

Outsource your IT. Simplify your life.
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