As the craft beer industry continues to grow, craft beer enthusiasts have more brands and styles to choose between. The competition for the enthusiasts craft beer dollars is high. Short of a good recommendation from a friend, enthusiasts will likely choose a new brew by what’s on the label, and the story it tells. Smart craft brewers recognize this fact. Great ones apply the same level of energy and creativity used to create their recipe, to the creation of the label and brand.  Innovative design elements, stylistic treatments, and authentic descriptive label content invites the consumer to try it.

While we don’t profess to be trained as art directors or copywriters, we can appreciate the truly unique and often entertaining execution of craft brew labels. Today we are sharing a few examples of labels and packaging that  are notable for any number of reasons. They run the gamut from classic,  striking, and fun. What we are showing, or not showing here does not imply preference of any brand over another  –  we are simply showing appreciation of the diverse styles of beer labels unique to the craft brewing industry.

Celebratiion Fresh Hop Ale Craft BeerCelebration Fresh Hop Ale
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico CA

Celebration’s artfully crafted label features a snow covered log cabin in the mountains of Sierra Nevada surrounded by Christmas Lilies, pine trees, and fresh hops. The image suggests a time and place marked by peace, beauty, and simplicity. Isn’t this what many of  us seek?



Rye of the Tiger IPA Craft Beer

Rye of the Tiger IPA (Indian Pale Ale)
Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH

An attention grabber. A striking close-up image of a tiger juxtaposed with spikes of rye commands the attention of the viewer. Rye of the Tiger IPA is a clever word play on the phrase ‘eye of the tiger’ which nicely dovetails with the image resulting in a memorable and powerful craft beer brand.




Lectio Divina Belgium Style Ale Craft BeerLectio Divina Belgium Style Ale
Saint Somewhere, Tarpon Springs, FL

Featuring an angel on the label and crafted by a brewery named Saint Somewhere, Lectio Divina carries a great deal of spiritual potential. According to Wiki, ‘In Christianity, Lectio Divina (Latin for “Divine Reading”) is a traditional Benedictine practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God’s Word.


Cleveland’s Own Christmas Craft Beer

Cleveland’s Own Christmas Ale
Black Box Brewing Company, WestLake, Ohio

A nostalgic throwback to earlier times. Who doesn’t remember the leg lamp made famous in the 1983 A Christmas Story movie?  Ralphie’s dad loved that lamp. Nostalgic or novelty, it’s a fun retake and sure to be a hit for anyone who receives a six-pack as a gift.



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