Is your organization running on auto-pilot or by rules established and agreed upon by senior leadership? We’re hoping the latter is the correct answer, but it’s not typical in either the public or private sector. Strategic planning is a highly disciple exercise in which key leaders of the organization produce fundamental decisions that help shape and guide the future direction and the individual steps to achieve organizational goals. Consider this to be your blueprint.

Strategic planning is methodical. The service we provide includes the activities below:

  • Information Gathering: This is the who, what, where, when, why discussion with all key leaders.
  • Analysis: We take the information gathered and analyze it to determine the framework for your strategic plan.
  • Key Objectives: A plan without key objectives and steps to obtain those objectives is lacking of the most important pieces.
  • Construction: This is where we build your plan, incorporating the objectives shared in earlier sessions and answering the question, “How will we obtain these objectives?”.
  • Presentation and Implementation: We pitch the plan back to you…which is basically your ideas within an organized and executable format and we help you launch it into action.

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