Business Advisors and Consultants- Information Technology

Technology is an asset that is integrated within every process of your organization. It’s an asset that needs to be protected, backed-up, optimized and maintained to ensure peak performance every single day. As a successful organization, it’s likely that you view your technology systems as a critical part of your operational strategy. Therefore, at Chortek, we provide you with common sense, easy to understand approaches to managing your technology investments to help ensure your systems comply with industry regulations, meet the needs of your remote users and maintain the confidentiality of your files.

Our information technology consulting services include:

  • Hardware and Software Selection
  • Information Technology Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Analysis and Implementation
  • Data Security
  • Back-up and Data Recovery
  • Cloud and On-Premise Applications
  • Updates and New Product Purchasing
  • Accounting Software Selection
  • Outsourced Technology Services
  • Help Desk Support

We are comfortable working within your information technology strategy or helping guide you in the development of a strategy that is built strictly for your organization’s needs. Based on the strategy developed for your organization, we can work in tandem with your internal technology staff or serve as your outsourced IT department, available as needed.

Let us know how we can help you leverage your technology asset to the highest degree.