Zoom 101: What to Know When You’re Just Getting Started

Most of us have gotten pretty familiar with Zoom and other virtual ways of meeting over the last few months, but if you still feel like you have catching up to do, don’t worry! We’ve recorded a few videos and webinars to help guide you through what we like to call “Zoom 101” – The things you need to know to get up to speed on conducting one-on-one calls and meetings in Zoom, the most common things you’re going to do with the tool.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Of course, before you can get to Zoom 101, you have to get to step 1 – How to join a Zoom meeting. If someone at Chortek, or anyone else, has sent you an invite for a Zoom meeting, it’s really easy to jump on and join that meeting. Watch our brief video for more details.

Webinar: How to Keep Your Zoom Calls Secure

How to Keep Your Zoom Calls Secure - Image of a padlock securing a gate

There has been a lot of concern lately over the security of Zoom, and what you may be vulnerable to when using the tool. Like everything else, our recommendation is to be mindful of the potential risks, but don’t let fear keep you from using Zoom. It’s a powerful communications tool that can be made more secure with a few simple steps, like changing access levels and adding passwords to meeting invites.

We held a webinar at the beginning of April when most of the security concerns first emerged. While a few things may have changed since this webinar, the information serves to reiterate our stance on security and technology in general. You can view the webinar in full below. You can also view Zoom’s latest information on privacy and security, updated frequently on their website.

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Webinar: How to Become a Zoom Power User

How to Become a Zoom Power User - Image of a woman wearing headphones and using a laptop

If you’re ready to step up your Zoom meetings a notch, definitely check out this webinar – How to Become a Zoom Power User. The webinar covers a lot of topics, including basic differences between webinars and meetings, how to change settings when creating a meeting, and how to control participant permissions before and during a meeting. We also include exercises you can try with a Zoom buddy to drive home what we’re presenting.

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