VPNFilter attack –

Main stream media has been heavily covering the recent threat of Russian hackers taking over home Internet routers using an attack named “VPNFilter”.  Here is an article which lists the affected routers: “Is Your Router Vulnerable to VPNFilter Malware?

Time for a WiFi upgrade! –

As outlined in the article above, updating the router may eliminate this threat while rebooting the router may reduce the risk, if only temporarily.  If any businesses are using the routers on the list, the router should not simply be updated, but should be replaced with a business-class solution.  Routers are what connect your network to the Internet, and as such, they should be providing strong firewall and cybersecurity features for businesses.

For home users, routers are often a source of frustration since they often are also providing WiFi services to a home and can be prone to being the source of Internet access lockups.  Sometimes, the router is located in the basement of a home, where the cable service enters the building.  WiFi signals are often challenged to reach the places where home occupants use their devices, sometimes two floors away, on the other end of the home.

Chortek has used Ubiquiti wireless systems in business and home environments for many years.  Ubiquiti makes an excellent home router, the Unifi Security Gateway, which provides a secure connection to the Internet, as well as allows deployment of wireless access points to points away from the gateway itself.  This enables strong WiFi signal coverage to the areas of the house most used by wireless devices including smart TVs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

If you have concerns about your home or business routers, wireless, or cybersecurity preparedness, please contact Michael Senkbeil at msenkbeil@chortek.com for more information.