Three of our staff – Debby Hanson, Gail Warren and Sue Wolf – attended the Sage Summit 2015 in New Orleans, LA and provide this update for your review. 

Sage 100

  • No “ERP” in product names anymore (i.e. Sage 100 vs. Sage 100 ERP)
  • New name:  Sage 100c (version 2016) will be released in October 2015 (11/4/15)
    • The ‘c” stands for connected/collaborative/customer-focused
    • New modern UI – menus, data entry screens, etc.
    • New menu look and feel
    • Three scheduled releases per year (October-version release, February and June)
    • Legacy Modules:  will be moving the last six modules to the new framework (Payroll, Time Card, Job Cost, Work Order, MRP, Fixed Assets) but may be upgrading the features vs. just upgrading the architecture to the framework.

Sage 100 – v2016

  • Version 2016 will be released on 11/4/15
  • Sage 100 2016 Enhancement Highlights:
    • New User Interface (UI) and Launcher
  • Running the new UI is optional and old launcher look is still available
  • Need to be on a subscription plan to run new UI and Launcher
  • Three default themes to choose from (Classic is name for old theme), but you also can create your own themes
  • Theme Maintenance – can default for all users and companies or change by company
    • Grid banding in all grids and list boxes (i.e. every other line is green)
    • Flat buttons
    • Customer PO number is 30 characters
    • Security – users will only see modules they have access to
    • Can have multiple browser tabs open in Sage 100 at the same time (i.e. Information Center, Inventory Advisor, Outlook, your company website, etc.)
    • “Favorites” list replaces tasks list on left side of screen
    • Scaling – can choose default, medium, large display resolution
    • Change User Settings – allows users to change their own settings since it’s not in User Maintenance anymore

Sage 100 – v2017 and Beyond

  • Bringing Legacy Modules to Business Framework:
    • Payroll, Time Card, Job Cost, Work Order, MRP, Fixed Assets
    • Payroll 2.0
      • To include and combine Payroll, Direct Deposit and Time Card
      • Can update payroll separately from the accounting system
    • Fixed Assets updates – June 2016
    • Job Cost
      • Phase 1 to include new framework switch – to be released in June 2016 (v2016.2)
      • Phase 2 to include new features
    • Manufacturing 2.0 – To include a combination of Work Order and MRP
  • Connected Services
    • Sage Inventory Advisor
    • Sage CRM Cloud– they have partnered with Salesforce (still in pilot program)
    • Sage Mobile Sales
    • Sage Billing & Payments
  • Integrated Services
    • Sage Payroll Services – outsourced payroll solution (like ADP)
    • Sage CRM 7.3
    • Sage Payment Solutions
    • Sage Payments Center
      • Slated for February 2016
      • PC Charge not supported after September 2015
    • Sage Intelligence Reporting

Sage Intelligence:

  • Installed with Sage 100 v2014 and above
  • Tools and Layouts menus are new on the Task Pane
  • Missing Accounts feature – located in new Tools menu on Task Pane
  • SI Report Template Utility allows for easy import of multiple templates at the same time
  • Exclude zero rows automatically

Sage CRM

  • Top three updates in 7.3
    • Updated user interface
    • Mail chimp
    • Android app (already had iPhone app)
  • On premise or cloud
    • On premise is bidirectional and can do advanced customizations
    • Cloud is:
      • Pilot program with sage 100
      • Syncs one way only
      • Basic as you can’t customize it very much
      • Both have mobile, workflow and security

Sage Payment Solutions

  • Payment processing (credit cards, checks, debit cards, ACH)
  • Now has a “pay now” button in an email sent through paperless office with a customer invoice
  • Can use iPhone or Android
  • Loyalty and gift cards can be used
  • PayPal interface
  • Easy activation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Better fraud detection
  • One monthly statement

Sage Payroll Services

  • Outsourced payroll solution (similar to ADP or PayChex)
  • Offered inside of the general ledger module
  • Integrates to general ledger and bank reconciliation

Sage Mobile Sales

Your field salespeople can complete the following tasks anytime and anywhere. With Sage Mobile Sales, you can:

  • View and edit customer information on your iPad
  • Review your catalog with customers on an iPad, and show related items
  • Create a quote and email it to your customer
  • Check product availability and confidently commit to fulfilling orders
  • Enter an order and accept immediate payment

If you have any questions regarding any of the topics listed here, please contact Chortek,  We will have a more extensive update (including Version 2016) during our annual December User’s Group Meeting.