In light of the recent focus on privacy and data being collected and analyzed by certain government agencies, Chortek wants you to be aware of data that Sage may be collecting from your Sage programs including Sage 100 and Sage 50.  This article will cover Sage 100 specifically and the Product Enhancement Program.

Starting in Sage 100 Version 4.4 PU7 and all future releases (4.5 and 2013), Sage created a Product Enhancement Program (PEP). “The Product Enhancement Program (PEP) is intended to help improve Sage 100 ERP, shape future product features and services, and provide valuable input to help make it easier to use. Participants in this program are enrolled automatically. When enrolled, certain usage and statistical information will be sent to us (Sage) completely secure and encrypted for the sole purpose of improving Sage 100 ERP and other Sage products and services.” This is per which outlines more details regarding this program, examples of the data collected and the Customer Survey program.

While normally clients do not perform installs or upgrades, it is Chortek’s general procedure to turn this feature off when performing an install or upgrade where this program is used. We will be revising our procedure to ask you if you want to enroll in this program or opt not to enroll when performing an install or working with you on upgrades.

If you are not sure if you are enrolled or want to change your setting, login to Sage 100 as Administrator with the administrator password and you will find Sage Product Enhancement Program as one of the menu items which allows you to change your participation in the program.

As noted, please review for more information on the Product Enhancement Program, examples of data collected and the procedure to review and change your participation in the program. This feature is only available for Sage 100 ERP users on Version 4.4 PU7 or higher and anyone on version 4.5 or 2013.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our support center at or call 262-522-8226.