Multi-Bin Solutions

There are now two Multi-Bin solutions and Warehouse automation functionality associated with Sage 100 and Sage 100c.  The vendors for these two solutions are:

  1. DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic
  2. ACS Standard Multi-Bin

The first solution is the DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic, which is now included with the Sage 100c product suite, at no charge, to all Sage 100c users.  You need to have Sage 100c installed to receive these Multi-bin features.

The DSD/ScanForce Multi-bin Basic product is a scaled-down version and will be useful for Sage 100c users that do not have a high level of automation in their warehouse, but need a way to store and track items located in multiple bins around the warehouse.

Multi-Bin Features

The DSD/ScanForce Basic Multi-Bin features include:

  • Enable Multi-Bin inventory by warehouse code, product line, or item code
  • Perform on-the-fly bin location transfers and transactions
  • Easily setup multi-bin inventory with initial bin transfer
  • Maintain a structure and segments for bin locations
  • Choose to sort bin locations alphabetically or based on an alternate sort method
  • Auto-general bin locations
  • Define various location types for bin locations
  • Set minimum and maximum location quantities for bins
  • Set customer or item specific restrictions based on bin location.

For those users who have more complex distribution needs, DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic can be upgraded to the Advanced or Manufacturing versions.  And for those with the highest level of warehouse automation, this new product is fully (and only) integrated with the ScanForce Warehouse Automation suite.

The second solution is the ACS Standard Multi-bin solution, which works with Sage 100 versions 2013 and up, as well as Sage 100c.  They are currently offering their Standard Multi-bin solution free of charge, for a limited time.  You will still need to pay $995 annually for the maintenance.

The ACS Standard Multi-bin features include:

  • Enable or disable by company, warehouse or product line
  • Auto allocate in transactions
  • Pick sheet printing Multi-bin inventory with allocations
  • Multiple bins added to sales order, inventory, purchase order and RMA
  • Transfer allocations and pick and stage inventory and allocations
  • Receiving backorder fill allocate to orders
  • Real-time and batch inventory replenishment

ACS Standard Multi-bin has easy upgrades available for pallets and container handling and manufacturing.  This product integrates only with Scanco’s Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Automation solutions.


Why would someone choose DSD verses ACS?  That completely depends on your situation!  Some answers to a few questions include:

  • If you will have Sage 100c installed, then you would choose DSD’s Basic Multi-bin as it comes with Sage 100c.
  • If you are on Sage 100 version 2013 or higher and want a Multi-bin solution without moving to Sage 100c, then ACS’s Multi-bin product would be appropriate. Again, ACS is offering their Standard Multi-bin product free for a limited time.
  • Both products have “advanced” editions with more features and capabilities.
  • If you already own ACS Multi-bin and want to switch to the DSD Multi-bin, conversion services are available and DSD/ScanForce will not charge you for their product, only for the maintenance.
  • Is the DSD/ScanForce Basic Multi-bin module completely compatible with other Sage 100c modules such as Bill of Materials and Work Order? This Basic edition is integrated with Bill of Materials. Other modules, such as Work Order, would require a separate DSD enhancement or the Multi-bin Advanced edition. ACS has a similar scenario with the integration of those modules in their Advanced edition.

If you would like more information, have additional questions and/or would like to schedule a demo, please call Debby Hanson at 920-968-0980. Chortek for the Distribution Industry