When it comes to IT outsourcing services, you have a lot of options. If you select the right firm, an outsourced, managed IT service can help provide focus. They can free up your time spent managing IT either in-house, or with an IT firm that is more reactive. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re searching for the ideal managed IT service company:

1. They suggest the right tool for the job

While it may be easier for you to visit a website and see a pricing page of everything a managed IT service company has to offer, this may be an indication that the company is more interested in selling you as many tools and services as possible without assessing your actual needs. At Chortek, we only recommend tools that fit the IT challenges of your unique business. The last thing you want from a company specializing in small business IT outsourcing services is one that pushes a long line card of products. They need to understand the business challenges you have, and match the services and solutions to that challenge.

2. The managed IT company recommends business-class technology

Many IT firms will focus on what you can to do get by, possibly recommending less-than-optimal technology products, services, and solutions. Conversations about outsourced IT services should start with a discussion about your business’ needs and risks. Look out for a company that sounds interested in taking shortcuts or providing “silver bullets.” They are likely not prioritizing your business needs.

3. They are quick to respond to issues

Timeliness is key. Even with the best technology, a managed IT firm needs to react to technical problems quickly. You shouldn’t have to chase down experts via individual mobile phone numbers. That’s a big red flag that the provider doesn’t have a reliable support request system. However, you don’t want to work with an IT company whose support system is too rigid and monolithic, either. Your business needs may not receive the appropriate attention. All of Chortek’s managed IT clients receive personal and consistent responsiveness, which is a point of pride for us.

4. The team brings a variety of skills and solutions to your small business

Your problems aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should your outsourced IT team be? You need to work with a team that can bring different solutions to the table because of their extensive and varied skill-set. A diverse set of skills means your IT team can keep your systems running smoothly. They should also add new features and automation as your business needs change. A managed IT service company should be able to help you take business data and turn it into information that provides insight and action.

If the business IT service firm you have now is not meeting your expectations, it’s time to experience the Chortek difference.  Contact Chortek and our Managed IT team will help you figure out what solutions are right for your small business.