How to Set Goals for Your Business – Get SMART

When you leave your business, you want it to be on your terms. Sometimes circumstances are out of your control, but ideally, you would leave your business with the people you choose, at the value you want, when you’re ready to leave.

However, you can’t expect to have this happen if you don’t do any planning. At a minimum, you need to figure out these goals:

  • When you’re leaving your business
  • Who you will sell or transfer the business to, and
  • How much you need to sell your business for in order to achieve financial security and independence

These goals can’t be vague; they have to be quantifiable. This white paper outlines the best way to define these goals in quantifiable, actionable ways, so that they can be addressed and tackled well before you leave your business. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you not sure how to set goals for your business? Download our white paper today!