Chortek recommends that every business establish a cybersecurity program which annually reviews cybersecurity preparedness on an organization-wide level. Sonicwall released their annual cybersecurity threat report. It highlights the continued escalation of threats to privacy and security of information.

Cybersecurity Preparedness Report

Business and personal data is a target of increasingly organized criminals.  Businesses have a larger challenge than ever to prepare for and prevent these threats from infiltrating their systems.

Sonicwall’s threat report reiterates the importance of many of the key components of an effective cybersecurity program (see page 18).  The report also highlights the sophisticated measures being used by hackers to get past technical controls like firewalls and antivirus software.

If your cybersecurity preparedness has not been reviewed within the last year, please contact Michael Senkbeil at or 262-522-8248 to discuss how Chortek can help.