Last fall, we posted an article detailing a new, prevalent form of malware (malicious software) called CryptoLocker. There is a new variant of this threat called CryptoWall that is infecting all files on network drives. Both CryptLocker and CryptoWall are now being distributed via emails which contain links to DropBox and other file sharing services. This bypasses many virus scanning solutions because the message merely contains a link, not an actual malware program attachment.

Here are the top four tips to protect your business from malware like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall:

#1 – Educate: Don’t Click the Link!

CryptoLocker (and other malware) are innocuous if the user simply deletes the email. Instruct your employees and co-workers to never click a link in an email.

#2 – Have an Image-Based Backup Server

Tape backups are too slow to respond to a modern malware incident. Image-based backups can help you restore files much more quickly.

#3 – Get the Best Defenses

Old antivirus solutions are not performing well against newer threats. Chortek recommends ESET antivirus and antimalware protection for servers and workstations.

#4 – Don’t Forget Remote Access Users

Home PCs that connect to a VPN are effectively plugged directly into the company network. They need the same protections and policies as your business computers.

If you need help or want an assessment of your business IT security preparedness, contact Michael Senkbeil.