Subscribing to technology services or software that are hosted outside your network is not a new concept, yet “The Cloud” has increasingly been in the media limelight. Chortek has supported clients with cloud-based spam and virus filtering for over seven years.

Among the benefits of having email filtered in the cloud:

  • Large reduction in unsolicited advertisements, scams, and attacks on personal data via email
  • Filtering occurs before email is delivered to the server, preserving Internet speed/capacity
  • Virus-bearing email attachments are nearly eliminated
  • Emails are queued up during Internet or server outages at the office

One provider offers a higher level of protection from down time by allowing Microsoft Outlook to connect directly to the filtering system to receive/send email during any system outage at the office.

Archiving of email has become a standard best practice for many businesses, with benefits beyond simple compliance with industry requirements imposed by the government or by other vendors. Archiving allows automatic document retention enforcement, where emails are destroyed per the company policy, reducing risk and ensuring consistent adherence to company policy. It also provides a faster search function than Outlook delivers.

Although cloud-based hosting of all technology infrastructure is not yet cost effective and customizable enough for most businesses, using a cloud-based email filtering and archive solution is cost effective and highly reliable.

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