Despite the impact that COVID-19 has on so many parts of our daily lives, some of our clients have turned to creativity and innovation to keep their business moving and contribute to the community. We are inspired by our clients, now more than ever, and wanted to share some of their stories during this time with you. If you haven’t already, check out our story on Kenco Label & Tag Co., LLC.

What did Ad-Tech Medical employees decide to do during “Safer at Home” orders? Give back.

Many companies have had to change their operations. Of these companies, Ad-Tech, deemed an “essential” company, has chosen to adhere to the “Safer at Home” rule. During this time, Ad-Tech Medical continued to pay its team for their many years of dedication. Those who can work from home are doing so. A special team is called upon, when required, to ship much needed neuro-devices to hospitals around the world.

The production staff, unable to work from home, yet wanting to stay engaged, received an email from founder David Putz, asking them if they would be interested in volunteering their time and effort to sew masks for Children’s Hospital. The response was remarkable. Many Ad-Tech employees, knowing how to sew, were up to the challenge. The hospital sent its requirements for the cloth masks needed.

It’s amazing what 12 employees can do.

During the course of two weeks, 12 employees volunteered their time to make masks for Children’s Hospital. For some, the task was easy, yet others reported it being more challenging than they first anticipated. There are specific requirements for the type of fabric, elastic, and number of folds needed for compliant masks. Still, they persevered. One Ad-Tech employee gathered the completed masks on April 8, shipping to Children’s Hospital the following day. Within two weeks, the employees created 2,075 masks, exceeding everyone’s expectations!

What’s next for Ad-Tech?

Ad-Tech is currently on a week-by-week basis to determine when it is safe for the production team to return to work. Chortek is proud to have clients like Ad-Tech, who take the opportunity during challenging times to give back to the community.

If you are interested in contributing to Children’s Hospital, or another organization near you, please see these instructions Ad-Tech used to make their masks. Please contact the organization you wish to donate to see what is most needed.

See Instructions from Children’s Hospital