Recently we have been working with many clients that have had personnel changes in their internal accounting department.  In the cases of smaller companies, it was their accountant or bookkeeper. Some of our larger size clients have made changes at the controller, CFO and even internal CPA level.

While some companies see this as a significant change and show concern about getting the new individual up to speed or worse, wonder what they want to change, others use this opportunity as a catalyst for making significant positive changes to their company.

Hopefully the first step you took when the departing person gave notice or was terminated was to take the opportunity to evaluate the position and what you expect from that position now and in the future to support the needs of the company.

Once you have evaluated candidates and hired the best one to meet the job requirements, which may have included knowledge of technology, systems, accounting, etc, you have the opportunity to improve your company’s ability to be of more value to your customers and employees.

New people bring experience and knowledge from other companies that can facilitate improving your process, procedures and systems that may have been stagnant for years.  Seek out the opportunity verses challenges when personnel leave or are let go.

We consult with companies every day to create more efficient processes, improve customer service, reduce costs and improve profitability through the use of technology so you don’t need to wait for a change in personnel to make improvements.  Give me a call to schedule a business review to point out the key things you can start doing today to make your company improve and prosper.