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Join Chortek On Our Trek to 20,000 Meals!

No matter what any year has in store for us, there are families in our area that need food assistance. This year, more than any other year, Chortek recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. Join us this holiday season in our Trek to 20,000 – Our goal is to donate 20,000 meals ($2,000 in donations) to Feeding America through the Team Feed program.

We have teamed up with Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, to raise money for their network of nationwide food banks. Our donations will help by providing food to places like:

  • Food banks
  • Food pantries at schools
  • Emergency Disaster Relief
  • The Kids’ Cafe program

This year, more than 54 million people may face hunger in wake of COVID-19. This year, food insecurity is a bigger issue than ever. While Feeding America estimates that 1 out of every 6 people will face hunger in America in any given year, this year, they estimate that 6.8 million additional children will as well – 18 million in all.

The good news is that every $1 in donations can provide a minimum of 10 meals to individuals, children, and families facing hunger. 98% of donations go right to local, U.S.-based programs. Please consider donating today to get us closer to our goal of 20,000 meals.