401(k) and Pension Plan Audits

You provide your employees with benefit plans in order to help them secure their financial futures. Your employee benefit plans are an important means of attracting and retaining the best employees. Five minutes worth of scanning the rules and regulations that apply to the benefit plans that you have in place tells you that those plans also subject your company to a rapidly changing set of responsibilities. The regulatory burden can be back breaking.

We formed the Employee Benefit Plan Audit team at Chortek to ease your burden. We will deliver the timely, effective, efficient audits that you need with minimal disruption to your company.

You can, and should expect timely, effective and efficient work at a minimum from your accounting firm. The benefits of working with Chortek for your plan audits include the following:

  • Chortek is a member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality center. That membership confirms Chortek’s commitment to the continuing education and quality standards that ensure your audit will be of the highest quality
  • Membership in the Audit Quality Center provides resources, information and training that are applied to your audit
  • Chortek makes the investment in training that is unique to this audit area
  • You will work with an audit team that is consistent from year to year. We don’t expect you to train our auditors

Consulting Services

Whether your benefits plan requires an audit or not, Chortek can guide you through the maze of rules and regulations that govern your plan. An independent diagnostic analysis of your plan and its operation can answer your questions and direct you to best in class benefit plans. We don’t sell investments or plan administration services.

We apply our in-depth training and experience to your advantage:

  • Review the plan document and plan operations to ensure you are following the plan’s provisions
  • Review deposits of employee deferrals and sponsor contributions
  • Review participant status and manage participant count
  • Test documentation on file for compliance with regulations
  • Internal control review

We can also support your human resources and accounting staff in preparation for an audit by another firm, freeing their time for value added activities in your business operations.

For more information, contact Julie Schroeder, CPA.