We congratulate all Future 50 award recipients. We work with businesses just like these every day and we know the sacrifices they make and the risks that they take in order to build a business.

We also know how important their growth and success is-not just for that business owner but for the customers and employees of that business, and for the community that we are all part of.

Building a successful business requires dedicated leadership and a talented workforce.  At Chortek, we focus on providing high performing businesses such as yours with a wide range of professional services so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

The following services are designed to help you maintain a high growth business:


For many small businesses and non-profit organizations, managing your finances and using that data to make confident decisions can be time-consuming and complex. Imagine what you could do by gaining back a few hours a day to focus on growing your organization rather than managing its books.

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It seems the tax landscape is always shifting, from updates to the Health Care Reform Act to proposed changes in the corporate tax codes. Tax laws impact every area of your business. Where do you have the potential to save money?

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Every business uses technology, whether to manage manufacturing processes, or in the form of workstations for employees. Do you always feel like you’re one step behind in understanding new technologies for your business?

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From all of us at Chortek, congratulations Future 50!

If you would like to discuss any of these topics in more detail or to begin the conversation on how Chortek can help your business remain a high performer, contact me by phone or email below: