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If your business relies on one person who holds all your IT documentation, you could be putting yourself at an unnecessary risk. What if you lose your IT personnel? What if you lose knowledge with a staffing turnover? Are you confident that your important information is available to you when you need it, 24/7, via web or mobile?

We tend to use the “hit by a bus” scenario, but there are a lot of great reasons to centralize your processes using an easy-to-access software. Mitigating risk during times of unpredictability, protecting yourself in the event of turnover, and being able to access what you need from any location are all key elements to keeping your business running seamlessly.

Our TechDoc Service is a secure, turnkey solution for comprehensive documentation. With our service, you can store information like data backup and recovery systems, licensing and renewal dates, employee and vendor contact information, and more, all in one place. No more scrambling to fill in gaps of knowledge. You have everything you need at your fingertips.

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