For When Disaster Strikes

Nobody wants to think about losing all of their data, but it is a fact of life that disasters, big and small, are practically inevitable in business. Protecting your network services should be considered an essential part of your business operations, just like computer networks and the services they provide are treated like a critical part of your everyday business operations.

If you think about it, disasters can happen every day at your business. Small disasters, like accidentally deleting files or emails, are common. However, large, natural disasters can also wreak havoc on your network. An ideal system should be low-maintenance, highly reliable, and have multiple layers of recovery options.

Chortek’s disaster recovery technology provides multiple layers of protection from file and email recovery, up to full stand-by server coverage at an offsite data center.

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Chortek is proud to partner with datto and use their data protection products. Datto is being used by thousands of companies worldwide. Their products offer leading technology in the backup and disaster recovery space.

If your data isn’t protected, it needs to be.
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