Chortek LLP

You have a future to plan for — a future that combines professional success with personal achievements

Chortek is committed to being a part of your professional success without standing in the way of your personal achievements. We offer flexible hours, limited travel, and the ability to work remotely using the latest technology.

At Chortek, you have the opportunity to be part of a team that makes a real difference for our clients. You will have direct contact with clients and build relationships with them as you work on multiple aspects of their businesses. The clients we work for view us as their trusted advisor and seek the guidance of our professionals when making the tough business decisions.

Put Your Education to Work

Chortek’s accounting internships provide both tax and audit experience. You will receive real-world experience in accounting, auditing, reviews, compilations, and preparation of individual and corporate tax returns.

The accounting and tax internships offered at Chortek are for students who are interested in seeking their CPA license. Your internship is a great way to get to know the firm while putting your education to work.

In our entrepreneurial culture, you will sit face-to-face with business owners and discuss topics affecting their companies and personal lives, from growth strategies to tax planning, economic concerns to business succession. You will also have direct interaction with partners and managers as they help you apply your education to real-work applications.

An Internship to a Personalized Career

We work with you to set goals and help you build a fulfilling and rewarding internship. Chortek puts the future in your hands with an individualized career path and provides the guidance you need to succeed.

We are thrilled that you are considering an internship opportunity with Chortek and we welcome any questions you have to help you determine where you would like to jump-start your career in accounting.