Server Deployment and Virtualization

A thorough attention to detail is critical when deploying a new or replacing an old server. Chortek’s experienced team looks at the big picture when assessing a network and recommending a solution.  Virtualization technology is a mainstay of our network designs, providing reliability and scalability.

Server Deployment and Virtualization

Chortek brings years of experience to performing network migrations.  We assist our clients in keeping their network infrastructure in-step with business needs.  We are a VMWare certified partner and have standardized on their proven virtualization technologies to build scalable networks, and make cost-effective upgrades and consolidation of servers.

Server Virtualization

VMWare is the market leader in virtualization technology which allows one server machine to run multiple copies of Windows operating systems.  It also makes possible fail-over server coverage for businesses needing increased redundancy and disaster-preparedness.

Workstation Virtualization

Workstations can also be virtualized in order to address several business technology needs.  For highly mobile workforces, widely varied workstation configurations, or simply for businesses desiring to eliminate the risk of data loss on laptops, workstation virtualization can “host” your desktops on the servers of your network.  Laptops, desktops, and thin clients become “terminals” instead of housing data on their own drives where they are susceptible to theft and hardware failure.  Chortek employs VMWare’s desktop and application virtualization technologies for these needs.

Server Migration, Lifecycle Management

Retiring server hardware that has reached its warranty, speed or capacity limits is a fast, painless process with our refined tools and techniques.  No longer does a server upgrade always require a visit to every workstation or other major changes to the network.  Chortek works with the management and ownership level of the business to ensure that business needs come first, and that technology is reliably working to support those needs.