Information is an asset, as important to the operation of a profitable business as human resources, financing and equipment. Information is distinct from other business assets because it contains operational, marketing, sales and strategy knowledge that can be stolen, tampered with or damaged by people inside and outside the business. Protection of information technology assets is the goal of cybersecurity services.

Every business with information assets worth protecting needs a cybersecurity strategy.

screenshot 300x202Large businesses have addressed the issue of cybersecurity with thorough and systematized processes and protection measures which are often far too expensive for small and medium size businesses to afford. What is a small business to do about cybersecurity? Chortek can help.

We offer a cybersecurity assessment which is based on the Council on Cybersecurity Top 20 Critical Security Controls, an industry-leading approach to formalizing cybersecurity preparedness.

What you’ll get:

  • 182 point assessment of cybersecurity controls
  • A Cybersecurity Preparedness Report (CPR) summarizing findings and identifying the most effective actions to take for improvement, where needed
  • A cybersecurity scorecard or “dashboard”, helpful for regular reviews of strategy and for communicating cybersecurity readiness to your customers and vendors

What are the benefits:

  • Be more prepared to answer questions about cybersecurity when current customers, prospective customers and vendors ask
  • Potentially receive lower rates on business insurance
  • Identify opportunities for cybersecurity improvement which can reduce risk of fraud and hacking

Contact Michael Senkbeil, CISSP, CISA, MCSE for more information

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