You’ve never seen meetings quite like this.

As business owners and industry leaders, we’ve all been there. We’ve multitasked, drifted off or simply remained on mute indefinitely while on a conference call. And we’ve all waited tirelessly for a reply to a crucial email. In an ideal world, we’d meet face to face for all of our meetings. But who has time for nonstop travel? And how realistic is it to think you can get everyone in one room when business these days is done across time zones and even oceans? Instead of trying to bring everybody into one conference room, Lifesize brings the conference room to you—regardless of where or how you work.

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Why Do You Need A Video Conferencing Solution Like Lifesize

  • Businesses need to make the video conference experience available to everyone and make it possible for any employee to talk with other employees, prospects and customers regardless of location.
  • Audio conferences and low quality, web-based video don’t let you see everyone you’re meeting with or what’s happening in the conference room.
  • Overly complex video conferencing solutions make meetings too complicated and end up gathering dust.
  • Travel wastes time and money that today’s businesses simply can’t afford.
  • Only Lifesize puts everyone in the meeting even if they aren’t on site.

Download the 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

Features of Lifesize Cloud

A connected experience—including the meeting room

  • Lifesize® Icon™ room video system works right out of the box
  • Laptops, tablets, smartphones, guest clients, telephones

One tool for all the ways people communicate

  • Shared directory (pre-populated, click to call with presence status), instant and scheduled calls, single and group calls, data sharing

Simple to buy, easy to manage

  • Flexible subscription plan for all sizes of teams and budgets

Works with what you have today

  • Interoperable, up to 25-way calls in HD quality

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