I will remember this story as long as I’m brewing beer. I brewed my first batch to be ready just in time for the holidays. The brew was a simple Scottish Ale from an ingredient kit. Before brewing that first batched I read every forum and blog I could find and watched countless hours of videos about home brewing. When it came to brewing that first batched I followed the directions to the “T” having seen the horror stories where someone’s first batch didn’t turn out since they didn’t follow the directions. I was determined to make my first batch perfect to share with family and friends.

Finally the moment had come, someone besides myself was about to try my first home brew. I had tried one the night before to make sure the beer was palatable. Initially there were no takers, but then my Dad decided to be the first brave sole. There was a slight hesitation as he was bringing the bottle to his lips. He took a small sip and you could see the look of surprise on his face and he said “Wow, it really does taste like beer”.

Starting out in home brewing is easier than a lot of people think. You can stop by a local home brew store to grab the basic starter kit, which includes all of the basics you need to start your first batch. You will also need to pick an ingredient kit which provides you will the ingredients and instructions – both for the date of the brew and bottling – needed to brew your first batch. The hardest part of the process is waiting for the brew to finish fermenting and carbonating. The whole process can take as little as month, but to have a truly great home brew I recommend letting it stay in the fermenter and bottles much longer.

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