Announcing the Release of JobOps 2015A

We are pleased to announce the release of JobOps 2015A, which is compatible with Sage 100 2015 Version and Avalara AvaTax Adaptor Sage 100, || 84 DSD.   Some highlights of this new version are listed below: Read More >


Sage Summit 2015 Update

Three of our staff – Debby Hanson, Gail Warren and Sue Wolf – attended the Sage Summit 2015 in New Orleans, LA and provide this update for your review.  Read More >

Spear Phishing web

Spear Phishing Email Scam Alert

If you have ‘wire transfer’ authority, this alert is for you.

We have seen a significant increase in spoofed emails (emails with forged “from:” addresses) asking employees in position of fiscal responsibility to do wire transfers to fraudsters. These attacks are not a typical bulk email attack or even a common phishing attack, where a user is enticed to disclose sensitive information by clicking on a web link. Rather, these are networks of fraudsters writing customized emails – even including email signatures — which appear to come from an executive in upper management and are targeted to specific individuals who have access to bank accounts. The emails assertively ask the recipient to transfer money, or relay instructions on how to do so, often via wire transfer.

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One Malicious Email Can Destroy Even The Tightest Network Security

Every user on a business network is part of that Network’s security. If users are not conscious of emails they receive and attachments they open, they are potentially compromising their entire organization. Network security and local anti-virus solutions can block or eliminate a majority of the various harmful things that are prevalent on the Internet. Unfortunately, those people that the security is designed to protect our networks from have learned that loopholes are present that can circumvent nearly any kind of network security. Most of these loopholes involve interaction from users inside of the security firewalls and already on the internal network.

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Is Your Copy Machine Allowing Hackers into Your Company?

You, the business owner, are ultimately accountable for keeping business information safe. In today’s environment, this is a challenging responsibility. Sensitive data include customers’ personally identifiable information, financial information and trade secrets, just to name a few. Firewalls, virus protection and spam filtering are specific tools that help, but they are not enough.

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How Sage Mobile Drives Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Internet connectivity gains have significantly increased the pace of doing business in the last decade. The anywhere/anytime access paradigm has increased customer demand for faster information and purchasing transactions. Customers are now expecting the “Amazon.com” experience from every company they want to do business with. Companies that can quickly deliver information needed for buying decisions to customers and prospective customers certainly have an advantage over those who don’t. This is where Sage Mobile comes in. Read More >


Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your IT Support Request

Time is of the essence for every industry that I have ever worked in and the professional services industry is no different. Based on my experience, many individuals will bypass making an IT support request and just deal with the inconvenience of an item not working properly. This can tend to build up until the issue becomes so serious that the entire user experience comes to a screeching halt.

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