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The purpose of a Business System Review or Technology System Review is to provide recommendations for improvement in existing systems:

  • Sage 100cloud and related integrations focused on customers (inventory, purchasing, sales orders/invoicing, financials, customer service, sales and reporting)
  • Hardware infrastructure (servers, workstations, backup, internet, security, etc).


  • Review procedure documents already in place.
  • We will meet on-site with key individuals to discuss current the state in each of your key areas and provide recommended changes

You will receive a written report outlining the recommendations:

  • Additional hardware and software that may need to be purchased
  • Changes in configuration of existing software and hardware (include upgrade)
  • Training of personnel needed
  • Changes in process/procedure

Upon agreement with recommendations, we will agree on the timeline for implementation of the approved recommendations.

Chortek uses the PICK methodology to priorities projects for impact on organization and difficulty of implementation as well as cost.  This methodology can apply to a department, the company, technology infrastructure, etc.

business system review PICK chart


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