October 11, 2022

8:00 a.m.

Opening Session – Sage 100cloud, Roadmap, Version 2021/2022 Recap

Learn about the newest features and enhancements included in the Sage 100cloud 2022 release and how they can help you manage your business. We will also recap the highlights of the 2021 release and provide a roadmap for what’s planned for future releases of Sage 100cloud.

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9:00 a.m.

Session 1: Sage Alerts & Workflow

Actionable Insight – 10 Ways To Improve Your Business

Over the past 20 years, the technologies available to help you “mine” your data have increased exponentially — from friendly search technologies and dashboards to advanced business intelligence analytics. And yet . . . even with all of these tools, you still need to “go get” the information you need; and once retrieved (or displayed), you still need to figure out what to do with that information, who needs to do it . . . and get it done. The concept of “actionable insight” uniquely combines data mining, data delivery, and an automated workflow to ensure that you have not only insight into what’s going on in your business but also an automated action plan to address the activities that have occurred. This session will include a discussion of ten aspects of your business that can be improved through such a system of actionable insight.

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Session 2: Scanco

Control The Holiday Season, Don’t Let It Control You

Learn how to leverage Sage with Scanco’s Inventory and Manufacturing automation to stay ahead of seasonal rushes. Don’t let a spike in orders dictate your “on time” order or production fulfillment.

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Session 3: SPS Commerce

Ready For One Streamlined Process For Your Wholesale And E-Commerce Orders?

Learn about the All-in-One Difference: Wholesale, Marketplace, and E-Commerce sales channels streamlined and natively embedded with our Sage Certified automation. A single system to manage all orders from all channels. SPS Commerce is a leading provider of full-service cloud solutions (EDI, Ecommerce, Assortment, Analytics) for retailers, suppliers, grocers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics partners. Our unique blend of technology, people, and processes leverages the world’s largest retail network, giving our customers the ability to focus on supporting their business.

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10:00 a.m.

Session 1: Sage AP Automation

Eliminate Friction In Your Accounts Payable Workflow

Many companies are revamping their accounts payable practices in order to keep up with the changing times. But those that have yet to make significant functional improvements might still be experiencing friction in their AP workflows.

Join this session to learn about the common practices that disrupt the flow of accounts payable. You will discover:

  • Common practices slowing down AP workflows (POs, invoices, payments, expenses)
  • Non-automated solutions that can help improve accounting functions
  • How digitization solves remote-work challenges
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Session 2: ScanForce

The 2022 Warehouse: Doing More With Less

Every day we talk to manufacturing and distribution businesses who are struggling to retain sufficient staffing for their warehouse operations. With no end in sight to the current labor shortages, businesses need to find ways to work smarter, not harder, in the warehouse. Join us to learn about tools and workflows for Sage 100 users that can facilitate the movement and tracking of inventory through barcode scanning technology, reducing the need for human intervention and keeping your inventory flowing.

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Session 3: StarShip

Supercharge Sage 100 Shipping With StarShip Cloud

If you’re looking to save time, money and boost your shipping process – don’t miss this session! Join Matt St. John from StarShip as he reviews shipping strategies to save on freight spend, improve the customer experience and gain efficiencies across the organization.

Join this session and learn about:

The latest StarShip Cloud user experience

  • Discounted USPS rates with no long-term contracts
  • Live rate shopping with parcel and LTL Shipments
  • Simplifying drop shipping, international and hazmat
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11:00 a.m.

Session 1: Sage Intelligence

A Simple Solution For Powerful Financial Reporting

There is a reason why Excel continues to work well for financial reporting.  Sage Intelligence takes Excel to a higher level enabling powerful reports that give you meaningful insights into your business without steep learning curves.  See how Sage Intelligence can help you easily build the kind of financial and non-financial reports you need for your business.

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Session 2: DataSelf

Fast-Track Your Business Intelligence With DataSelf

Do you want to take reporting to the next level by fast-tracking your Business Intelligence initiative, but time, cost, and complexity are preventing you? DataSelf combines next-generation data optimization technology with the largest library of Power BI and Tableau reports and dashboards for Sage 100 and your other business applications. Attend this session to learn about powerful and affordable tools to help you achieve your BI goals now.

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Session 3: CIMcloud

E-Commerce Designed For Sage 100

CIMcloud provides Sage users with an all-in-one solution with e-commerce capabilities for your customers and CRM functionality for your employees. Designed specifically for product-centric B2B companies and built with native integration to your Sage ERP system, CIMcloud will optimize the way you interact with your customers.

Join us to learn about:

  • Integrating e-commerce sales orders and payments with Sage 100
  • Getting your customers and employees to embrace e-commerce
  • How other Sage users have successfully implemented B2B e-commerce with CIMcloud
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12:00 p.m. – Lunch and Vendor Drawings

1:00 p.m.

Session 1: Sage Data & Analytics

Your Powerful BI Toolkit

The Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) business intelligence toolkit for Sage 100 can help solve data headaches, deliver instant reporting, and achieve a rapid ROI!

SD&A provides the best BI toolkit for Sage 100 users, including out-of-the-box live sales dashboards, graphical cashflow analysis, detailed and trusted P&L reports, plus so much more.

Join us to learn more reasons Sage 100 users love SD&A:

  • Full suite of pre-packaged, customizable reports and dashboards—no programming or coding required
  • Cloud-hosted and browser-based—access on mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Time savings—the average Sage 100 user saves more than 10 hours a week on report preparation

Discover how to get actionable business intelligence that drives increased revenue, cost savings, and competitive advantage.

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Session 2: Altec – Sage Document Management

“DocLink Is The Only Way We Know How To Operate.” Learn Why!

Is your company still using manual, paper-based processes to run your business?

If yes, that means you’re wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

That’s where DocLink comes in, by enabling your company to go paperless and automate processes to:

  • Provide secure access to data ANYWHERE
  • Improve workflows and productivity in AP and expand to other departments
  • Significantly reduce operational costs
  • Achieve greater visibility and security

Join us to learn how several DocLink CUSTOMERS have successfully gone paperless, improved their productivity, and reduced costs… for immediate ROI.

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Session 3: Summit Hosting

Cloud Hosting For Sage 100 – Streamlining Your Business

Sage 100 hosting providers take the stress of managing a cloud server off your shoulders. Instead of worrying about IT needs, you’ll be free to focus on your business. With so many options out there, how do you know what’s right for you? Join Summit Hosting as we discuss how you could improve data security, integrate your 3rd party apps, and work from anywhere, all while reducing your overhead.

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2:00 p.m.

Session 1: Sage CRM

Customized For Your Company

Customer Relationship Management software is a great tool for almost every company, but every company has a unique set of processes they have developed. Any CRM should be able to be customized to fit your company’s needs, not adjusting your company to fit the needs of the CRM. Sage CRM is very customizable and can be configured to fit any company. Join Matt Gentry from Sage Software as he shows off just how customizable Sage CRM is. He will describe the many ways to make Sage CRM fit your company via customization.

Session 2: Intacct

Transform Your Business With Sage Intacct Cloud-Based Computing

Your financial management system is critical to your growth and success. For many companies, increasing efficiencies and supporting business growth is crucial. Is it time to look at a new cloud computing software solution that is flexible enough to match your changing needs?

By attending this session, you will better understand:

  • Managing multi-entity companies
  • Processing data with meaningful real-time reports for faster decision making
  • Automate internal processes by utilizing electronic approvals
  • Delivering real-time dashboards with metrics to help drive growth
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Session 3: REPAY (Formerly APS)

Inbound, Outbound – Next-Generation Payments

B2B transactions can be complex for both buyers and sellers. There are many steps that need to happen before money can move from Point A to Point B. See how REPAY helps your business thrive in today’s digital economy and learn:

  • Why traditional payment methods won’t cut it for today’s B2B buyers and vendors
  • How all-in-one payment platforms help maximize the speed of cash flow
  • REPAY ClickToPay for Sage 100 can help invoices get paid faster
  • Streamline operations by posting payments directly into a Batch Receipt
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3:00 p.m.

Session 1: Sage Payroll

Managing Your Payroll Needs With Sage 100

Sage 100 Payroll is a feature-rich, integrated, secure, and cloud-connected solution for Sage 100. Sage 100 Payroll automates key processes in ways that minimize error, increase efficiency, and reduce barriers to scale. Deep integration with Sage 100 means that data silos can be overcome and that you can customize Sage 100 Payroll to meet the unique needs of your business. And because it is cloud-connected, you can be assured that deductions are always calculated based on the most recent federal, state, and local tax legislation.  This session will also cover the TimeCard module that provides Time Track to give you the ability to enter detailed records of employees’ time worked.  If you are an existing user of Payroll, you’ll get a recap of the latest features.

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Session 2: Avalara

Do You Know Where You Owe?

If your business has grown or changed, you might have new tax obligations since there are constant updates and changes. Although tax compliance issues affect nearly all businesses in one form or another, relatively few know and understand all the rules or how to comply. Discover current tax compliance trends, including the latest in economic nexus and what you can do to manage it today.

Avalara will cover:

  • The current state of commerce
  • Latest in economic nexus
  • Marketplace complexity
  • Tax compliance Complications
  • Five tips for managing sales tax compliance
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Session 3: DSD Systems

What’s New From DSD Enhancements

What’s New from DSD Enhancements

Please join Ashley Berger from DSD Business Systems to catch a live look at the newest DSD Sage 100 Enhancements to hit the market: Enhanced Electronic Delivery (PLEE), Paperless Delivery From User (CIPL), Advanced Data Editor (LMAD), Bank Feed Task Scheduler (BRBF), the new InstaDocs archiving feature, and many more!

About DSD Development:

DSD Business Systems has been a Master Developer for Sage ERP Enhancements software since 1988, extending Sage 100 functionality by bringing hundreds of custom and proprietary products to market. These enhancements include the renowned Multi-Currency, Multi-Bin, Cash Basis, Multi-Company, Multi-Language, InstaDocs, and many more.

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4:00 p.m.

Session 1: Sage Inventory Advisor

Accelerate Your Business With A Powerful Supply Chain Planning Solution

The movement toward nearshoring, digitizing supply chains, and sustainability are just a few trends that will disrupt your supply chain operations and ability to meet demand.

How can Sage help transform its customer’s supply chain?  Sage Inventory Advisor, a world-class supply chain planning solution, can help you navigate and prepare for future disruptions. Join this session to learn how to:

  • Build a resilient supply chain: helping you mitigate risk and improve inventory levels.
  • Monitor and measure supplier performance: Improve end-to-end visibility to measure and analyze supplier data.
  • Create agile and flexible demand forecasting: automatic SKU classification so you can focus on products that impact the bottom line.
  • Provide predictive inventory insights: through processing ERP data and setting customized policies.
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Session 2: Paya

Paya & Sage Click2Pay For Frictionless Payments

Paya is the only embedded payment processing solution available in Sage.  Paya, Inc., formerly Sage Payment Solutions, provides simple, secure technology options enabling businesses to accept payments, get funded faster, and increase efficiency. Paya’s seamless payments platform delivers easy-to-use technology to support your AR Workflow through every stage of your business’ growth, today and tomorrow. With more than 100,000 clients and two decades of payments processing, Paya offers adaptive solutions and technology expertise and is dedicated to driving the success of partners and customers. With our latest acquisition, we now have Click2Pay features and functionality that make handling payments even faster and more efficient.  For more information on Paya, visit www.paya.com.

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Session 3: ROI , Home of IN-SYNCH

Sage 100 Integrations Done Right!

Automate manual processes in Sage 100 with integration using IN-SYNCH. Synchronize your e-Commerce shopping carts (Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce, etc.), marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), CRM and more!

Join this session to:

  • Identify common business challenges that can be solved with integration
  • Discover how ROI provides flexible, secure data integration for everything from simple to complex projects
  • Learn more about the new IN-SYNCH Connector API
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