90 Minds Consulting Group has a Meeting of the Minds

The 6th annual Meeting of the Minds conference was held on February 23-25, 2017.  Sue Wolf, a 90 Minds member, attended the event.  During the event, attendees had an opportunity to learn more about Sage software products, product plans and future strategy as well as participate in question and answer sessions after each presentation.

During the conference, Sage Software unveiled an updated roadmap for their Sage 100 and Sage 100c product lines.  Sage Software’s roadmap of Sage 100c differentiators gave more information on what integrations and features will be in the Sage 100c product line that will not be in the Sage 100 product line.  Here is a list of some of the features they have added or plan to add to the Sage 100 and Sage 100c product lines (note that timing and features are subject to change).

Sage Software Products

Sage 100 2017.0

  • Compliance Updates
  • New Features: Limited modernized launcher, Suppress “remove paper” prompt, Report font size improvement

Sage 100c 2017.0

  • New Features: Enhanced Role Maintenance search, Auto-Fill Lookup Search, ALE “full text” search (all currently available)

Sage 100 2017.x

  • Compliance Updates

Sage 100c 2017.x

  • New Connected/Extended Services: Multi-Bin Warehousing (available now), AP Automation, eInvoicing, Budgeting & Planning, eCommerce, Auto Bank Feeds

Sage 100 2018.0

  • Architectural Updates: Payroll 2.0, Job Cost to Framework, Time Card to Framework

Sage 100c 2018.0

  • New Features: Inactivate warehouse, Sage 100 Anywhere, Paperless Office 365
  • New Connected/Extended Services: Mobile Sales, Sage CRM Reimagined, Cloud Backup

Sage 100 2019.x

  • Architectural Updates: Work Order to Framework, MRP to Framework

Sage 100c 2019.x

  • New Connected/Extended Services: Point of Sale, New Integrations, Mobility

Several sessions were also held on the Acumatica ERP accounting software solution which is currently the largest growing cloud-based solution with over 80% growth in the past year.   Acumatica’s horizontal product suites include:  Financial Management, Project Management, Distribution Management and Customer Management.  Their selected vertical markets editions include:  Ecommerce Edition, Services Edition and Manufacturing Edition.  The representatives from Acumatica demoed many popular features in their product as well as some features that are still in the experimental stages (ie. using voice commands; using Skype to enter and attach expense receipts which will then automatically post the expense to Acumatica).

There were also many other software vendors represented at the conference showcasing their products. Some of the other software solution sessions included bar-coding and warehouse automation, multi-bin, credit card processing, mobile sales and delivery automation and CRM.