Sage 100 2016 scheduled for release on November 4, 2015

  • Sage 100 2016 Enhancement Highlights:
    • New User Interface (UI) and Launcher
      • Running the new UI is optional and old launcher look is still available
      • Need to be on a subscription plan to run new UI and Launcher
      • Three default themes to choose from (Classic is name for old theme), but you also can create your own themes
      • Theme Maintenance – can default for all users and companies or change by company
    • Grid banding in all grids and list boxes (ie. every other line is green)
    • Flat buttons
    • Customer PO number is 30 characters
    • Security – users will only see modules they have access to
    • Can have multiple browser tabs open in Sage 100 at the same time (ie. Information Center, Inventory Advisor, Outlook, your company website, etc.)
    • “Favorites” list replaces tasks list on left side of screen
    • Scaling – can choose default, medium, large display resolution
    • Change User Settings – allows users to change their own settings since it’s not in User Maintenance anymore
  • See 2016 and more information to be shared during our User’s Group Meetings December 9th and 10th.

Written by Steve Krueger | Principal
Posted in Technology Consulting