When you hear the word Outsourcing, depending on the company you work for, the generation you belong to and where you live in this world, outsourcing will mean different things to almost everyone.

As it relates to business systems, you may have outsourced your payroll to a service provider, outsourced your information technology to a hardware/networking provider, outsourced your website development and maintenance, etc.

Outsourcing will continue to increase as companies focus on their core business functions and look to reduced the cost of everything else.  At stake is risk mitigation and transfer of liability but more importantly access to greater expertise, skills, certifications and technology that you don’t need full time or can’t justify internally.

By choice or requirement, you may have outsourced your tax return and financial statement preparation at the end of the year.  More and more companies are outsourcing monthly financial statement preparation and reconciliation, accounts payable processing, purchasing, collections, recruiting, staffing and human resources functions.  Most companies have outsourced legal counsel to handle the variety of setting up companies, buying or selling or dealing with legal issues such as copyrights, patents, etc.

Outsourcing – what have you outsourced, what can or should you outsource and who are the right providers to help you achieve cost reduction or increased capability your looking for?  Chortek can assist you with many aspects of outsourcing in your business.  Let’s discuss what outsourcing means to you and how outsourcing can benefit your business.