Internet connectivity gains have significantly increased the pace of doing business in the last decade. The anywhere/anytime access paradigm has increased customer demand for faster information and purchasing transactions. Customers are now expecting the “” experience from every company they want to do business with. Companies that can quickly deliver information needed for buying decisions to customers and prospective customers certainly have an advantage over those who don’t. This is where Sage Mobile comes in.

Accounting software has traditionally fallen behind in this functionality. Early efforts to leverage the internet for business benefit focused on integration of online order processing for increased productivity, efficiency and reduction of pricing and available inventory errors. Now it’s the ability to handle various types of transactions anywhere, 24/7 via the exploding growth of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc).

Sage Mobile

Sage Software released three new mobile solutions for growing sales, customer satisfaction and faster payments.

  • Mobile Sales for salespeople to have customer information , inventory information and availability, quoting capability as well as process orders and payments all in the palm of their hand.
  • Mobile Service for service technicians to manage schedules, process ‘paperwork’ electronically including invoicing, payment and sign-off.
  • Billing and Payments allows Mobile Sales and Service to invoice and accept customer payment electronically as well as allowing traditional invoices to be paid electronically.

The increasing usage of mobile devices in America and beyond makes consideration of mobile for business almost a foregone conclusion. The benefit of nearly instant payment transactions and exchange of other related customer support documentation is a particularly strong business driver for adoption of Sage Mobile.

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