We are pleased to announce the release of JobOps 2015A, which is compatible with Sage 100 2015 Version and Avalara AvaTax Adaptor Sage 100, || 84 DSD.   Some highlights of this new version are listed below:

JobOps 2015A Highlights

  • Generate make to stock closing documents from a tab delimited file using the optional, add-on Make to Stock Import function
  • Define how labor hours and cost are recognized on work tickets when overlapping labor entries exist
  • Access Equipment Asset Information from Work Ticket Entry
  • Utilize Sage 100 ERP Payroll Automatic Earnings Codes in Time Tracker
  • Retain work ticket information Purchase Order history
  • Customize the employee lookup window
  • Update information to the Library Master Activity Log when JobOps Options parameters are changed

The above highlights, as well as additional changes, are explained in detail in the JobOps 2015A Release Notes, User Guide and JobOps Knowledge Base.  Please see your JobOps consultant for more information on this new release.

JobOps Highlights from Sage Summit 2015

Several of our consultants attended the annual Sage Summit 2015 conference last month (July 27-30) in New Orleans.  Some of the JobOps announcements and highlights from the Sage Summit 2015 conference are listed below:

  • JobOps 2015A, which is compatible with Sage 100 2015 Version, was released on July 16, 2015.   See above for more details on the features in this new release.
  • The naming convention for the JobOps releases has been simplified.  The releases will now follow one another in alphabetical order (ie. 2015A, 2015B, 2015C, etc.).
  • JobOps is now SQL compatible with Sage 100 Premium version 2014 R2 (released on January 30th, 2015).
  • JOScan Handheld Data Collection Integration with JobOps is Now Available – JOScan is the handheld and desktop barcode scanning and data capture solution designed to allow manufacturers and field service organizations to minimize costs and maximize productivity.  Some features include a Live Shop Floor Monitoring System, Live Data Transfer, Enhanced Field Service Capabilities and much more.  See http://www.scanco.com/xscan-100/ for more information.
  • ACS Multi-Bin Integration with JobOps – They are currently developing an integration between the ACS Multi-Bin program and JobOps.  Watch for additional information regarding the release date later this year.
  • Supported Versions – JobOps version 4.5 support ends on December 31, 2015.  If you are currently on version 4.5 or lower, please contact your JobOps consultant to upgrade your software.
  • ACA Compliance – JobOps will only be providing ACA compliance updates for version 2014 R2 Hunter and version 2015.  Please contact your JobOps consultant if you need ACA compliance with Payroll and are not on one of these versions.
  • New JobOps Website – JobOps will be rolling out a new website in the next couple months.

If you would like more information on any of the items listed above, please contact your Chortek JobOps consultant for more information.