record keeping

Why Should I Keep Records?

Good records will help you monitor the progress of your business, prepare your financial statements, identify source of receipts, keep track of deductible expenses, prepare your tax returns, and support items reported on tax returns.

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Cloud-Based Email Filtering & Archiving

Subscribing to technology services or software that are hosted outside your network is not a new concept, yet “The Cloud” has increasingly been in the media limelight. Chortek has supported clients with cloud-based spam and virus filtering for over seven years.

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Getting Your Company Ready To Sell

It would be nice to have a crystal ball and know exactly when to sell your company and have the time to put in place an exit plan, make the necessary changes and exit gracefully so you can maximize the sales price and after-tax proceeds. Before you sell, it’s important to plan well. This list highlights those things that will give you the best return on your time and reap the greatest return on your business sale. Read More >

business vacation

Mix Business With Pleasure

Mix business with pleasure and get a tax deduction!

When mixing business with vacation on out of town trips, follow these key strategies to maximize your tax savings from the cost of travel, meals and lodging: Read More >

Selecting A Software System

How to select a new system:

First and most importantly create a steering/selection committee represented by individuals throughout the organization. This committee will be the resource to move the company through a successful selection by representing their functional area, defining the requirements, evaluating software against those requirements and be an advocate for the software chosen. Much higher success (based on completion of selection and implementation within a timeline) is achieved with a committee verses just accounting or IT involvement. Read More >