Should I Convert My Traditional IRA To A Roth IRA?

The obvious benefit of a Roth IRA is that ALL future distributions from the account will be tax free! However, there are many issues to consider when deciding if and when it makes sense to convert from a traditional IRA. Chortek can explain the pros and cons from a tax and estate planning perspective based on your unique situation. Read More >

business plan meeting

Updating Your Business Plan

Does your company have a current business plan? Most business owners have created this important map of where their company stands and where they’d like it to go in the future. However, changes in your business—including new developments in the economy—may undermine some of the assumptions that you made in the past. This is a good time to update your plan, including your expectations for future sales, expenses, growth, staffing and many more elements of your business. Remember that your CPA firm can help you analyze your current situation and future prospects, and determine what they mean for your future.