Steps to Take if You Become a Victim of Tax ID Theft

No question, tax-related identity theft is an increasingly common problem. If you have been unscathed so far, count yourself as lucky. Just ask around, and you will be surprised to see how many individuals have been impacted by this nasty problem. So, what do you do if you if you become a victim?

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business partnership

Partnership Audits

Did the IRS Fail?

A recent study released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) estimated the IRS failed to assess over $14 million in taxes, interest and penalties for the year 2010. While this may not be large, it has caught the attention of Congress and the Treasury. One may think this is a failure of IRS administration, but in fairness, partnerships have become the preferred business entity over the last 20 years and the partnership audits process can be unwieldy and time consuming, resulting in prolonged audits.

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One Malicious Email Can Destroy Even The Tightest Network Security

Every user on a business network is part of that Network’s security. If users are not conscious of emails they receive and attachments they open, they are potentially compromising their entire organization. Network security and local anti-virus solutions can block or eliminate a majority of the various harmful things that are prevalent on the Internet. Unfortunately, those people that the security is designed to protect our networks from have learned that loopholes are present that can circumvent nearly any kind of network security. Most of these loopholes involve interaction from users inside of the security firewalls and already on the internal network.

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A Six-Pack of Oval Office Craft Beer Facts

Craft beer in general has always been mainstream to the masses. It is a beverage enjoyed in all walks of life. Doctors, educators, musicians, athletes and accountants, you name it, people of all walks enjoy beer. And as beer is to the common man, so is it to our presidents. Today we highlight six US presidents who in their own way have embraced the goodness of beer.

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Is Your Copy Machine Allowing Hackers into Your Company?

You, the business owner, are ultimately accountable for keeping business information safe. In today’s environment, this is a challenging responsibility. Sensitive data include customers’ personally identifiable information, financial information and trade secrets, just to name a few. Firewalls, virus protection and spam filtering are specific tools that help, but they are not enough.

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Creative Craft Beer Labels Define the Brand

As the craft beer industry continues to grow, craft beer enthusiasts have more brands and styles to choose between. The competition for the enthusiasts craft beer dollars is high. Short of a good recommendation from a friend, enthusiasts will likely choose a new brew by what’s on the label, and the story it tells. Smart craft brewers recognize this fact. Great ones apply the same level of energy and creativity used to create their recipe, to the creation of the label and brand.  Innovative design elements, stylistic treatments, and authentic descriptive label content invites the consumer to try it.

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Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your IT Support Request

Time is of the essence for every industry that I have ever worked in and the professional services industry is no different. Based on my experience, many individuals will bypass making an IT support request and just deal with the inconvenience of an item not working properly. This can tend to build up until the issue becomes so serious that the entire user experience comes to a screeching halt.

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