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IRS Alerts Taxpayers To “Be On Guard” Against Fake Emails

Chortek joins the IRS in alerting taxpayers to “be on guard” against fake IRS notices by email:

IRS and Security Summit Partners Warn of Fake Tax Bills 

IR-2016-123, Sept. 22, 2016

IRS ALERTS TAXPAYERS, WASHINGTON, —  The Internal Revenue Service and its Security Summit partners today issued an alert to taxpayers and tax professionals to be on guard against fake emails purporting to contain an IRS tax bill related to the Affordable Care Act. Read More >

document management

Sage Document Management

Sage Document Management by Altec is an automated workflow system that integrates with the Sage family of products to eliminate paper and paper-based bottlenecks, earning powerful cost-savings and providing better business visibility and control of information. Read More >

Social Engineering

Social Engineering Alert – Are You Watching For Clues?

There are clues to watch for in order to protect your business indicating an email attack is in progress.  In these forged email attacks, an email arrives addressed to an internal employee, in an attempt to initiate a back-and-forth conversation via email.  This is a classic attack known as “social engineering”, where the attacker’s goal is to get the internal employee to disclose information, usually financial in nature. Read More >

cybersecurity preparedness

Cybersecurity Preparedness Report

Chortek recommends that every business establish a cybersecurity program which annually reviews cybersecurity preparedness on an organization-wide level. Sonicwall released their annual cybersecurity threat report. It highlights the continued escalation of threats to privacy and security of information.

sonicwallcybersecuritythreatreaport Read More >